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Pain is not your destiny

Growing older is an inevitable part of life… we’ve all always known that we’ll one day be old and gray…

Yet for most, the unspoken knowledge that our bodies will one day fail us is too terrifying to even think about…

Because to think about it is to confront the fear of becoming a prisoner in your own body…

Chained down by aches, pains, and frailty…

…while your mind tortures itself with daydreams of the simple pleasures of life that are lost to you.

Sure, for some, age doesn’t seem to wear on them the same as everyone else…

But for most people, time isn’t so forgiving.

Today in America, over 60% of adults are living with a chronic health condition…

And 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain of one kind or another.

Persistent, nagging pain that hijacks your focus and casts a shadow over every waking moment…

Turning every step, every breath into an effort…

And robbing you of your ability to show up in life as the fullest expression of yourself.

Rendering of spine with pain

This is a fear we can all relate to…

Because we’ve all been conditioned to expect this grim future within the limitations of conventional health care.

So for most of us, it’s easier not to think about it… 

Until the years catch up with you, and the strange pains start to take hold… and you no longer have any choice but to face the facts.

That’s when a lot of people surrender and accept a life where your days are dulled by mind and heart-numbing prescription pain pills…

But for some people, that just isn't an option ‒ because it still doesn't numb...

The Worst Pain of All

My name’s Scott Rewick, and I know first hand what it’s like to experience this painful reality we’re all so afraid of.

After I hit 50, it felt like my body started falling apart.

My whole life, I couldn’t wait to be an active father, one who could roughhouse, play catch, and everything else…

But just as my son started to come into the richest years of boyhood – all my old injuries from decades of martial arts finally seemed to catch up with me…

I started tweaking things more… the type of little injuries I used to just walk off…

Only now, the pain stops me in my tracks, and never seems to fully heal.

Even worse than these mysterious pains that throb and ache and burn all through my body every day…

Is the real pain we all dread:

Being unable to physically show up in my relationships like I want to – especially for my young son.

So for the past few years, I’ve been gritting my teeth through what should be cherished moments with my boy…

Throwing back Ibuprofen like candy, I push through it... trying to ignore the fiery pain that shoots through my shoulder every time I move my arm.

But kids pick up on these things…

Maybe he saw me wince as I threw the ball…

...or maybe he started to put the pieces together, seeing me ice my shoulder every time we come inside from playing…

But one way or another, one day in Autumn 2021, my son came and asked me if I wanted to play catch…

I said yes, of course… but then as he watched me slowly, painfully try and pull on a sweatshirt, he said,

“Actually, that’s okay dad, you don’t have to. I know how much it hurts.”

His loving words came like a punch to the gut.

At 8 years old, he felt guilty for wanting his dad to do what dads are supposed to do…

And it broke my heart.

This Is Not How We’re
Meant To Live

Young children shouldn’t have to worry about their parents…

And YOU shouldn’t have to say no to the joys of life, feeling trapped inside your own body.

I couldn’t accept the limitations of my pain... So I went to my doctor for advice.

While some of what they told me was helpful for improving my overall health…

The only real “solution” they had to offer for the pain that was costing me my life was to just numb it with prescription painkillers.

But I knew that wasn’t a real solution.

And all at once, it became plain as day just how broken the American medical system really is...

The System Helps

How did we get here?

How did we end up with a health “care” system that routinely allows minor injuries to escalate into chronic, life-long handicaps?

The concept of systemic “illness” dates all the way back to the American Civil War…

Where the foundation of our country’s medical system was born on the battlefield.

Trying to save lives in chaos, with too many injured and not enough staff, "healthcare" as we know developed around the triage system.

This lifesaving medical approach is built around the practice of treating the patient with the most severe injuries first.

From there, patients are grouped according to the urgency of their condition, so that those with the greatest needs are prioritized.

They are attended to as efficiently as possible, brought to a point of stability – not HEALTH, mind you! – and then the doctor is on to the next patient.

On the battlefield, where brave doctors and nurses worked to save as many lives as possible, this approach made perfect sense.

Unfortunately, when these doctors began to train the next generation – they failed to adapt their practices to the needs of a peaceful society…

And instead built a system that’s really only equipped to help people who are in real-time, life-or-death situations.

Doctors are trained to make a split-second diagnoses so they can get patients treated as quickly and efficiently as possible…

Neglecting to give real-time consideration to people with “minor” symptoms – until those issues have evolved into something MAJOR.

And it’s only getting worse…

Doctors Are Quitting

In the wake of the pandemic, the flawed design of our system has become more obvious than ever…

In 2021, a staggering 334,000 healthcare workers left their jobs for one reason or another – and 117,000 of them were physicians…

That’s about 10% fewer doctors in America than the year before, while the number of patients who need care continues to rise.

And so the “triage” approach to healthcare puts ever more pressure on doctors to cycle through as many patients as quickly as possible.

The result?

Doctors feel like they have less time than ever get to know each patient and examine the specifics of their individual health challenges...

Instead, they rely on the most obvious, generalized, “bandaid” solution they know of to bring the patient relief from their symptoms as quickly as possible…

…and more importantly, to get them out the door to make room for the next patient in line.

This is how we got here…

This is why the 60% of American adults who are suffering from chronic health conditions have no idea what the underlying causes are, and have lost hope of ever getting better.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to be a passive victim of your pain.

You don’t have to entrust your health and happiness to a system that’s content to just drug you up and send you on your way.

You CAN heal and reclaim the quality of life you always imagined for yourself…

But first, you have to…

Become Your Own “Primary Care Provider

Think about the word “care.”

If somebody cares for you, they reach out to you.

They check in with you.

They ask how you're doing.

So isn’t it fair to expect to have that kind of relationship with someone you call your “primary care provider”?

Sadly, that just isn’t how the system was built to operate.

You miss an appointment nowadays, and it might take months to get on the schedule again…

…and by the time you do, there’s a 1 in 10 chance your primary care provider will have retired!

This system doesn’t give you health “care”.

You're getting health services – oftentimes, incredibly helpful and valuable services…

But in order to heal, you need to be CARED for…

And the only person you can truly count on to give you the level of care you need… is YOU.

It’s a tough pill to swallow…

Coming to terms with the newfound responsibility of being your own caregiver can be difficult at first.

It’s easy to get frustrated with the system and to want to place blame.

Through life, we’ve been trained to trust the professionals as the final authority in health matters…

So it's only natural to look for guidance when it comes to health...

And realizing just how poorly you’ve actually been cared for so far can feel like a huge betrayal.

The truth is… it’s no one’s fault.

The system is failing everyone.

Including the hard working, good hearted people who genuinely want to give everyone the care they deserve ‒ if they had the time and resources.

That’s why the only way forward is through acceptance…

Because with acceptance comes forgiveness.

Forgiveness for a system that has been shaped by corporations, rather than the people who need it most...

Forgiveness for the healthcare workers trying their best within the confines of this difficult infrastructure...

And forgiveness for yourself – for not fully understanding the responsibility you have in your own healthcare... until now.

This can be a tall order… but becoming an expert in your own healing is key…

Because then you can act as your own “Primary Care Provider”.

And as your own Primary Care Provider, you can make educated decisions about what health services might be helpful in your overall healing plan.

You become an expert in your own condition, so you can steer the conversation towards proven solutions, rather than just masking symptoms. 

Changing The Pain Game

That's why I set out to discover how I could take control of my own health, to heal holistically and end the pain that has defined my life.

With the help of my friends Jason and Jeremy ‒ the visionaries at Holistic Health Films – I hit the road to discover the leading information, ground-breaking science and most valuable insights of the medical world.

In this journey, we uncovered the alternative and integrative methods that have been relieving pain and improving mobility for Americans across the nation.

Paul Chek
Paul Chek

We talked to some of the nation's leading sports medicine doctors, like Paul Chek ‒ a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness...

And he shared some of his latest findings and revealed some of the innovative techniques that he's used to help NBA players and US Air Force cadets maintain peak performance…

tiffany caplan
Dr. Tiffany Caplan

We sat down with Dr. Tiffany Caplan and learned how she works with her patients to identify and resolve the root cause of illness ‒

Treating everything from Crohn's disease to weight gain, dermatitis, arthritis, and more.

sabrina solt
Dr. Sabrina Solt

We interviewed Dr. Sabrina Solt and learned about how she's using the latest in stem cell therapy to avoid costly, damaging surgeries...

And employ the body's own regenerative ability to recover from old injuries and experience relief from chronic pain.

And those interviews are just the tip of the iceberg!

Together with a total of 61 expert interviews and a whole library of bonus resources...

We’ve created a complete arsenal of tools, advice, secrets, protocols, and knowledge to truly equip you with everything you need know to live a long, happy life ‒


The First And ONLY Health DocuSeries To Put The Power To End Pain In Your Hands

The Strange Pain Docuseries is the perfect culmination of expert knowledge, applied science, and years of healing experience all compiled into fun, easy to watch episodes.

By taking advice from over 60 brilliant and talented health professionals, this docuseries provides the critical information you need to overcome chronic conditions.

Broken down into 9 episodes, the series will focus on several themes that mentor you on how to address your own pain without costly surgeries, dangerous prescriptions or endless doctor visits.

Every day you face without the necessary understanding of what's causing your chronic pain is another day lost.

Pain has already cost you and your loved ones so much over the years, taking away precious moments and time you'll never get back.

The path forward will require dedication, sacrifice and an investment in yourself to make a difference in the quality of your life. 

With hours of engaging, life-changing content that you'll find in Strange Pain, you'll learn everything you need to…


Find the root cause of your pain

Be able to find the root cause of your pain and end it for good...


Learn where pain really comes from

Learn where the majority of chronic pain stems from...


Discover why doctors are embracing integrative medicine

See why doctors are embracing integrative medicine as the only way to effectively cure illness and pain


Become your own Health Advocate

Become your own Health Advocate in finding high quality care to address specific challenges

Own All 9 Episodes Of The Strange Pain Series For LIFE

Find Out How To Prevent, Treat, and Conquer Pain With Our 9-Part Documentary Series, Strange Pain.

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Most of all, having all the information provided by Strange Pain, you never have to feel helpless to your pain again.

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27 holistic foods

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bonus episode

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bonus episode

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accelerated healing

With Scott’s Guide to Accelerated Healing Through Mobility, you’ll discover the amazing pain-relieving power of prescribed movement. Scott has compiled the essential strategies shared with him by the top sports scientists and the nation's leading physical therapists. 

Find out how to eliminate your pain with quick, easy movements that you can do from the comfort of your home…

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root causes

Do you struggle with pain or excess inflammation? Do you ever experience signs of brain fog or pesky digestion issues? 

Then you need to read Becoming Pain-Free: Healing the Root Cause of Chronic Pain, from HealthMeans. This easy-to-read digital guide tells you everything you need to know about how you can identify the origin of pain and nip it in the bud. This is a special bonus that you won't want to pass up!

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chronic inflammation

Breaking the toxic cycle of Chronic Inflammation can be quite daunting when first getting started. Having the tools and resources necessary to take the right actions is a key first step to breaking the cycle that perpetuates chronic pain. 

Learn about easy-to-do tips and habits that can start making incremental changes in your quality of life TODAY!

The perfect compliment to the series, this eBook will provide you with all the information you need to make smart, informed decisions about diet and lifestyle changes needed to get results.

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leaky gut

So many chronic conditions and painful injuries can be traced back to or are exacerbated by trouble with digestion. 

Our digestive system, incredibly complex and truly miraculous, is also quite vulnerable to environmental factors.

Learn all about how Leaky Gut may be affecting your health or the health of your loved ones. Learn about the foods that can have harmful consequences when consumed regularly, but more importantly, learn how to heal this all too common condition. 

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With scientists discovering new species every day, our understanding of the world around us is continually evolving. Ancient practices widely incorporated the healing power of nature, yet the modern world has been slower to catch up. 

Learn about traditional healing secrets as well as newfound science in ways that Nature can help us heal. This complete comprehensive guide will serve as an invaluable resource in your healing journey towards a life free of pain. 

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simple shifts

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relief labs

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Suffering From Chronic Pain? Do This

The first step in healing pain is recognizing there's an issue. A problem beyond home remedies that needs attention.

The second step is giving your body the healing, caring attention it needs to heal properly for good.

This can’t be done without an in-depth understanding of how the body functions, and what emerging options are available to treat the root of the issue.

From there, you and your healthcare team can work together to craft a personalized targeted plan to systematically excise the source of your pain, allowing the body to finish its own natural healing.

The Strange Pain Docuseries will help you do just that…

By helping you to…

…Gain the confidence necessary to be an active participant in conversations around your health…

…Understand how everything within the human system is interconnected at its foundation…

…Combine the collective wisdom of the nation's leading healthcare professionals so that you can take advantage of every possible option…

…and direct your own team of healthcare professionals so you receive the best possible care and are up to date with the leading science.

Take your time and enjoy each episode, there are so many gems to learn from.

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The chronic pain epidemic is raging out of control today...

Needlessly causing daily suffering for millions of people.

Meanwhile the costs of healthcare continue skyrocketing even higher – pushing more and more individuals and entire families into crippling debt and poverty.

But it doesn’t have to continue.

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So you never have to live in fear of chronic pain again.

Scott Rewick

To your long, healthy life,

Scott Rewick
Host of the Strange Pain Docuseries

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